A downloadable Aegic Crest


Take the role of adventurer wannabes, Lyfa and Cyrus, in this brutally challenging co-op adventure!

Lyfa and Cyrus have been itching to earn their adventurer license to become true bonafide adventurers. However, they need each other's help. And yours!

In this fast-paced co-op adventure, help the fragile-as-glass kids survive through three extreme tests in their bid to obtain their adventurer licenses!


  • Brutal, fast paced action: Prepare to die, and die a lot as you scramble, dig, and whack for every inch of ground through each stage in your bid to become a true adventurer!
  • Co-op platformer gameplay: Loads of platforming action as players juggle between the kids' varied jumping skills
  • Fantastic hand drawn art, pixel by pixel
  • Unique abilities for each characters: Parry projectiles and triple jump as Cyrus! Be indomitable and hop high as Lyfa! Synchronize your abilities to survive!
  • Challenging foes and stages: From aggressive crossbowmen, to nasty spike traps, to the kids' inability to swim; get ready to fight and flee your way to victory!

Release Date: 17 November 2016

Platform: PC

Contact Info:

William Nugroho (Aliases: Luddeagle, Dukewaxeye)
dukewaxeye.deviantart.com (preferred form of communication)

Personal Bio

Luddeagle, or DukeWaxeye (William Nugroho) is a fledgling concept artist, 2D generalist, and a student in Media Design School majoring in Bachelor of Creative Technologies: Game Art.
He admits he is totally rubbish at programming and apologizes in advance for any in-game hiccups because of it.

GenreAction, Platformer
Tags8-Bit, Action-Adventure, aegic, brutal, Co-op, crest, Pixel Art
Average sessionA few seconds
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

Install instructions

Just click on the .exe and run it.


AegicCrest.exe 4 MB


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Played your game from Tutorial level into Tomb level. That was a bit hard and strategy helped a lot ;).

For single player, killing the other character first helped a lot for nagivating until the end of the level.

Btw, found some bugs and also some suggestions which I posted in your thread in TIG forum ;).